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Saturday, January 31, 2009

Cheap Website Hosting for Netrepreneurs - GDI

One basic thing for Netreprenuers [internet intreprenuers, webprenuers] to earn online is to have a website, from which the income streams flow. A website is like a firm's office where clients or customers can go to and transact business. For rookies like me, the free blogging sites like Blogger and WordPress are our only option to start without spending an amount of money or just to explore this another world of business opportunities.

But seeing how it is in the internet marketing world, the vast opportunities out there tells everyone that these free web hosting sites (Blogger and WordPress) are so limited for the huge income that one would and could capture online. Considering the main sources of income in blogging sites [which are Adsense and other Ad campaigns from which a site can earn if the visitors click or view the adds posted in that page], a Netreprenuer would realize the biggest need of having an own site with much ease and flexibility of strategically placed Ads and of designing the site in a way that could optimize the earnings online.

But website hosting would cost much compared to your starting earnings! Here's the good news for Netreprenuers like us... GDI's cheap Website Hosting is coupled with the Income for Life package! To be honest with you, I will be creating my own website soon. For now, I am using GDI's services under the 7-day trial period, but I am already impressed to what it can offer. To watch a short overview video of GDI, go to this link: http://www.freedom.ws/onlineearnings .

A very important tip for affiliates like me, who need TRAFFIC to their site, incorporate your GDI membership with another membership that will duplicate your Income for Life advantage. Sign-up for the GDI 7-day trial period through the Hits2U membership [ GDI-Hits2U Advantage Link ], and see the combined benefits of cheap Web Hosting and Amazing Traffic. We all know that the best advertising site is dead without Traffic. The Hits2U membership allows you to submit your web site for FREE and be exposed to potentially TENS of THOUSANDS of new and unique visitors! The GDI-Hits2U link that I gave you combines both memberships - GDI & Hits2U.

As I've promised before, this blog would be my personal journal of my real-online-treasure hunting, meant to be shared to those who'd like to explore the opportunities of earning online. I am sharing the real treasures online... this is what my blog is all about! I am always delighted to share...

Monday, January 26, 2009

Do you have the Paypal Advantage?

Hi there... since this site is all about earning real cash online, I have been busy these days, exploring and doing some personal research on the busy streets of internet marketing and earning. It's quite overwhelming to discover the tricks and traps of other promoters online; those who promise for instant cash and bucks of money which are not even worth a dime... I am still organizing some facts I found on these, so, I will make another promise to share these with you soon.

On the other hand, I have stumbled upon the basic and important thing to have when starting to do internet marketing, or even ordinary online transactions or business online. If you are an amazon or ebay client (seller or buyer), or a regular shopper online, or selling or accepting payments online for your business, then you've got to start having a single account just for these activities... and speaking of online money transactions, it should be the

I am talking about having the Paypal Advantage. Starting to do affiliate jobs online, you'll need this, first and foremost in your sign-ups.

When you signup for PayPal, you can start accepting credit card payments instantly. As the world's number one online payment service, PayPal is the fastest way to open your doors to over 150 million member accounts worldwide. Best of all, it's completely free to sign up! To sign up or learn more, click here:
https://www.paypal.com/sg/mrb/pal=62HK82X2SEVBE .

Until next blog! Thanks for feeding my site...

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Earn Through Blogging: YUWIE

As promised in my first blog, I will be sharing with you any found real treasures in Earning Online... "The best things in life are free", so let's grab this free opportunity. The best part is, we earn through our favorite past time in the internet - BLOGGING!

Yeah, this is not a scam or anything... the Secrets Book has equipped me to understand the world of internet marketing, and has opened my knowledge to why such real earnings online exist. First lesson: the internet is such a huge marketplace, and so is the opportunities of real cash earnings... Almost everything now is through the internet - travel bookings, purchasing, payments, banking, etc - and so is the flow of cash.

I have been signing up for different blog sites and networking sites like Friendster, Multiply, Facebook, etc... but none of these has really offered my share of their site earnings, when infact my blogs have kept their sites in the internet. My blogs and connections sustain these sites, and yet, no outright financial benefits I can receive from these sites...

I have found a blogging / networking site that is user-friendly as it provides an easy set of features in Photo & Video Uploading, Blog Writing, File Sharing, Importing Videos from Youtube, running RSS feeds from favorite sites, posting any media types in the Shout Box and more! And another great thing is that, I can choose from a wide variety of cool Page Layout designs from different categories (nature, sports, anime, etc.), so that I don't have to get into a lot of trouble configuring any HTML codes. It is really worth signing up!

To experience it yourself, sign up through this link: http://r.yuwie.com/sweetverni/ OR click the "Y" logo above.... I promise you, YOU will EARN extra or REAL CASH.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

FREE Report Revealing The Secrets Of A Self-Made Millionaire!

Dear Friends,

Attached in this link ( http://tinyurl.com/8qqpn4 ) is a Report on how a school drop-out became a self-made millionaire by the age of 25, starting from scratch!Inside this interview, He reveals how he transformed from a lazy unmotivated money waster to a self-made millionaire at just age 25 and he did not come from a well to do family!

He did it from scratch! Straight from ground zero with a 3 digitbank account balance. Do forward this to all your friends as an inspiration ofthe transformation from rags to riches!

Wishing you the best,

PS. Make sure you read and forward this report because the information inside will reveal the secrets that will reveal why so many people are struggling to make ends meet!

Friday, January 16, 2009

Earning Online: Internet Marketing Fundamentals

I have stumbled once, a link that opened my knowledge to the existence of real treasures in Internet Marketing... these treasures are known to the few... unlike the claims of others, this is an honest and realistic GUIDE to success.

Following the hints and digging more clues, a door to bigger opportunities is opening wider each day before me. This first blog would be the flag pitched on the ground of my first success to my ONLINE TREASURE HUNTING... Join me, then, let's take the first journey, the safest one --- getting ready is bringing only the things needed:

1. The Treasure MAP: the basic knowledge that would define our route to Financial Freedom, amidst the Global Economic Recession.

2. Let's equip ourselves first with what's On-hand: Get hold of the Free Resources before considering to spend.
3. Don't get too excited yet... Let's study the MAP, and its every turn.

Join me NOW, to take the first real step... Let's have a copy of the TREASURE MAP by opening this link:

I have my Treasure Map now... Hope you'll catch up with me SOON... I'll be keeping in touch with you through my detailed journals to SUCCESS... Yeah!!! This will be fun, too...

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